With roots born and raised in Minnesota, branches growing through Australia and Bali, and leaves fluttering throughout this beautiful world, Dreaming Tree Creations finds inspiration in unexpected places and people. 


 Meet the maker: Kristy Highness

Dreaming Tree Creations was born as the sun set one day in 2009 traveling in Byron Bay, Australia, illuminating a broad fig tree perfectly. It was quintessential-- the breeze, the music in the car, the salty air, the sunset, and the warmth in Kristy's heart. This moment of clarity instigated a change of direction from corporate America to a passion in creating jewelry. It's incredible what you can do when you follow your dreams, and how a moment can change everything. She was eager to return home, hone in on the silversmithing craft, and share it with the world. 

 Dreaming Tree Creations Tree

Likewise, Dreaming Tree designs are born from the same unexpected sparks. At these times she runs to her jewelry bench to watch the idea unfold. Inspirations include the wildness of the ocean, the stories and connections people share, travel and our soul's pursuit of a broader angle, and details in nature. Inspiration is all around us. 

Each piece is crafted using traditional tools that have been used for centuries: a fine jeweler's saw to hand cut delicate shapes, tiny drills, a fiery torch, pliers and hammers galore, metal alphabet stamp sets of different fonts and sizes, metal blocks, liquid solutions in jars, files, sandpaper sticks, buffing pads, and two hands.

hand crafted jewelry with tools


Heart is that extra factor used in creating each piece. Can you feel it?


Know and feel that each item is hand crafted with love, for you.  


heart  Kristy