Rebellious Dreamer

  • $85.00

:: Calling all you Dreamers :: Hopefuls :: Romantics :: Doers :: Believers :: Thinkers :: Seekers :: 

Don't wake up.

This ring embodies as much spunk as the call of your wild. 100% handcrafted from sterling silver sheets and wires. The webbed details of the dreamcatcher sit in a .625" disc; 19 tiny spaces drilled and hand sawed in a dainty mandala design. I hand saw tiny feathers, stamp texture to them, and solder wire to wrap and join to the face. The band is fitted and soldered just for you, and hammered for a shimmering texture. 

Powerful. One-of-a-kind. 

Handcrafted in sterling silver. This item is made for you. Please view the bottom of our homepage for the current creation timeline.