A Winding Tying Friendship Ring

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Do you want the specialest friendship ring for the specialest friendship?

Christa did, too. Here's what we did:

Christa asked if we could create 2 rings for her, one for her and one for her best friend. She sent a simple photo over of a general design idea, and I said "I'd love to create this with you."

How it's made:

First, I sized and soldered 2 ring shanks for the middle bands. I soldered them together to hold the foundation for the ring. Then, I wrapped and twisted a third band around the shanks. 

a custom silver wrapping friendship ring


I formed this, weaving in and out of the ring bands, and soldered it securely in the back. 

custom silver ring middle stages in progress

One they were all finished, I hammered them for a reflective texture and strength, with a high polish. The bands twist and flow from front to back and top to bottom. 


custom silver rings back


custom silver rings front


If you have something you want to create, and can't quite find it anywhere else, give us a shout! Let's make something custom! 

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  • Love them! Reminds me of a Saturday morning cuddle between friends <3 preceded by a good morning song.

    Trisha on

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