Ruca Means One True Love - Earrings and Lariat Necklace to Prove it

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We all love a good love story. Boy meets girl. Boy orders custom earrings for girl named after her dog. Years later, boy proposes to girl. On wedding day, boy gives girl a custom necklace with their wedding details on it, modeled after the earrings he previously made for her. They live happily ever ever.

There is way more to their love story than the jewelry side, but this is the side I am privy to know. Here's the longer version and how we walked through the steps to create her special gifts.


Ruca Means "One True Love"

A few years ago, Wyatt's girlfriend wanted some ear crawler style earrings. Wyatt seems to have a keen ear to the hints she drops, and sent me a message on etsy to create a design for her. We decided on something simple, with little dots. I asked him to name the earrings and he came up with the name Ruca, after her dog (awww). Coincidentally, Ruca also means "one true love" (so, double awww).


Ruca dot Ear Crawler earrings    Ruca dot ear crawler earrings boho bridal


Fast forward,

"Will You Marry Me?"

Is what he asked her, and she said yes. With the wedding approaching, Wyatt knew he wanted to get her a new pair of Ruca Crawlers (she lost the last pair over the years), and something else, but he wasn't quite sure what-- a necklace, a bracelet-- something good.

I thought it would be great to signify their wedding details on the item, and gave him this rough sketch idea, along with a couple other rough ideas to run with.

sketch of lariat necklace idea

He consulted her girlfriends (he must have sisters or something, because how does he know this stuff?!), and then gave me the thumbs up to create:

  • a lariat style necklace
  • medium/short length
  • dangles hanging with their wedding date "9 · 2 · 17" and "a + w"
  • dots on the necklace, the same as the Ruca Crawlers


The earrings and the necklace in progress after soldering the dots to the bases, creating the circle, stamping the text:

in progress ruca crawlers and personalized lariat necklace


And finished:

ruca necklace and ruca crawlers


We wanted them to go together, without being cheesy matchy-matchy. We achieved that!

That's not all

Because he's so observant, he also noticed she's been wearing choker necklaces lately. This girl is on top of the trends! So we made her a simple choker (14") to go along with the Ruca necklace, using the same chain, and a Herkimer diamond in the center. Details matter, so I also added this little dangle to the clasp, similar to the dots on the Rucas.


The choker necklace (14") and the Ruca Necklace (17") together:

ruca necklace herkimer diamond choker and lariat layer necklaces


dotted lariat necklace and herkimer diamond choker

We wish we could have seen her face as she opened these gifts. Wishing them all the happiness and love in the world. There is no doubt that with that level of thought and care, they are going to have very fulfilled lives together!

Thanks for asking me to create these with you, Wyatt. If you want to create something special too, just ask!


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