Mom and Daughter Gifts from the Heart

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Molly loves her family more than anything. She's thoughtful and caring, and the best gift giver. This is our dream customer to create with! 

Molly's sister, Jenn, has two daughters: Hazel and Olive. She wanted to make 3 necklaces to unite the ladies of the house.

Here's how we did it

Molly and I sketched some general ideas.

For her sister, we decided to do a double layering necklace, one simple pearl bar at 16", and a triangle pendant at 18" with a "logo" of the 3 initials: J, H, and 0. 

For Olive, she's a young'n, so we made a simple little necklace in the shape of an olive (like the food), and on the back we stamped her name. Little girls love their names on things right? 

Hazel loves pandas, so we made a panda necklace! And, of course, with her name on the back. 

Simple sketches start it out

sketch of how to create a custom silver order

To create, I start by sawing out the shapes from a sheet of silver. All pieces start this way-- from sheets and wires! It's a little bit cute that the three necklaces are also made, side by side, from the same sheet of metal.

sawing custom orders from sheets

Then I sawed the second layer of the panda, and drilled and sawed from the olive and the triangle charms. 

custom necklaces in progress

Hazel's Necklace, the panda:

Before soldering the components together, I hand stamped Hazel's name onto the back of the pendant. We decided to create a looped bail on the back of the necklace. Since Hazel is only 3, we used a soft suede chord for her to wear the necklace. 

back of panda necklace

 The back, finished:

back of panda necklace finished

The front of the panda necklace, finished:

front of panda necklace finished custom

Olive's necklace, the olive:

This is actually the back, and the front is plain with hammered edges.

olive necklace

Jenn's necklace, the triangle logo: 

I sent Molly some font options for the the triangle logo, and she chose a serif "J" with sans-serif H. I taped it to the silver as a guide and sawed by hand. 

triangle necklace in the works

I hammered the edges of the triangle, and we included a shorter freshwater pearl bar to layer with the necklace.

layered custom triangle necklace


layered custom triangle necklace on


The trio together ❤️

custom triangle panda and olive necklaces for sisters and mom


Molly's the gifting queen, for now. But if you want to take the crown, write to us with an idea and we will make it! 

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