Follow Your Dreams - A Double Banded Ring

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A Double Banded, Double Sided Custom Dreams Ring

How Their Story Began

Caz and Chloe are besties, hailing from the UK and living their dream in Perth. They take advantage of the Oz weather-- creating run clubs and Blue Crush style surf groups, participating in triathlons, and training with Surf Life Saving Australia. I swear, they are hiding mermaid tails somewhere. 

They grew frustrated with the active swimwear available to them and wanted a stylish and functional option. No wardrobe malfunctions, but no granny bums either, while sporting in the sea. One night between raucous laughter and bubbly beverages, they decided to create their own line, fusing fashion and functionality, CeaCea Swimwear

A Gift to Remember

Chloe wanted to create a ring for her and Caz as a reminder of where they're going and why they started.

It's a powerful and life changing decision to follow your dreams. 

She wanted both "follow your dreams" and "CeaCea" somewhere on the rings. So, we created the ring reversible, with one text on the front and one on the inside. 

The Creation Process

I sent Chloe three options for how the CeaCea would go. She chose #1,


options for customer for word placement

After sawing the rectangles, stamping the letters, sizing the bands, and soldering one face to the strips, I formed them round to add the other side. I use a hot blue flame and delicate pick and melted metal to solder and fuse it together.

custom double band word ring in progress

I sand, hammer, oxidize so the letters stand out, and buff, and the rings are done.

The top reminder:

follow your dreams custom ring for ceacea swimwear

The inside passion:

inside of custom ring for ceacea swimwear

Follow Your Dreams

custom double band ring with words by dreaming tree creations

Watch their space at CeaCea Swimwear or find them on Instagram to see their activewear label (some peeks below!) 

Chloe hair flippin' in the Erzulie crop top:

Chloe of CeaCea Swimwear

Caz on the surf check in the Amphitrite one piece:

Caz, Caroline of CeaCea Swimwear

Ladies, you are beYOUtiful and an inspiration. I loved to create these rings of meaning, to embody this chapter of your story. All the best of momentum and success as you ride this wave.


What would you put on your ring, inside and out? What's your reminder and the source?


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