The Year of the Dog

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A Custom Handmade Dog Tag 

This year is the Year of the Dog. But let’s be real, for us, it always is. It’s ok if you call it your “fur baby”, use nicknames like “doggo” and “puppers”, and your voice raises a few octaves when you speak to it (hello, dog voice!). For us dog lovers, this is totally acceptable.

So what better way to make sure your pup always finds its way home, in the most stylin' fashion, than with a handmade and unique dog tag? Pet ID tags can be so boring sometimes, order a custom dog tag as cool as your dog!

My dog loves the beach more than anything, and I love her to the beach and back, so I handcrafted this unique dog tag for her with her name and a wave on it. Order one for your pup, too!


Here’s How It’s Made:

First, I plan the layers. I hand hand draw a wave shape for the top layer, with your dog's name on it. 
Wave Custom Handmade Dog Tag

I saw the top layer with the wave from sterling silver. I drill and hand saw each of the letters for the name (WHAT?! YES! Each by hand). In another step, I’ll solder this on top of the 1” sterling silver base. Only the best for your pup.

Hand Sawed Wave Dog Tag


On the base layer, I’ll hand stamp your phone number (or email) on the back, and layer short contact instructions. I also form and solder a sterling silver loop attachment to the back.

Handmade Custom Dog Tag Pet ID Tag


The layers are soldered together, oxidized and brushed to highlight the dimension, and voilà!

Unique Handmade Dog Tag


I think she looks pretty cute. Don’t you want your pup to look this cute?
Pet ID Tag Handmade Dog Tag for Your Pet

Order one for your doggo here. He/she will thank you with kisses and tail wags. Or should we say... tail WAVES! 



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